Rauch Family Foundation I and II

Holocuast Education Committee

​Rauch Family Foundation I 

A note to our nonprofit grant partners

Each day, like you, I am overwhelmed with news stories and press briefings. But each day one thing remains the same: my appreciation for the work you do in our community.

Though the novel coronavirus pandemic, I have seen again and again stories of non-profit agencies stepping up to protect the most vulnerable. You continue to remain nimble in service delivery, to provide leadership, and to calm the fears of those you serve. You have gone to great lengths to support and protect your most valuable asset - the team members who make delivering on your mission possible.

In hopes of keeping you up to date, I wanted to let you know the board of the Rauch Family Foundation I have formally voted to move our grant application deadline to July 1, 2020.


Applications are now being accepted. Guidelines and applications can be accessed through our shared grant portal with the Rock Island Community Foundation and the Doris & Victor Day Foundation. 

Even while we are doing all we can to ensure people are safe from COVID-19, we cannot forget the once-a-decade importance of filling out the census.  By now, all households in the QCA should have received their invitation to respond. I invite you to consider an opportunity to break up the social media monotony and remind your followers about the 2020 Census. To fill out the census online visit my2020census.gov.

Be well,


Executive Director